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An Exciting
Multi-generational Saga

The Lands of our Ancestors series follows three generations of a Chumash Indian family as they face the dangerous challenges brought by the major eras of California history: the Spanish Mission era, the Mexican Rancho period, the Gold Rush, and the Early Years of Statehood. The books and accompanying Teacher Guides meet state history-social studies standards for the 4th grade.

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Mission Period


This multi-generational, historical saga begins with Book One by depicting what life might have been like during the Spanish Mission Era, as seen through the eyes of two Chumash boys.


Book Two continues the saga as the characters grow up and have children of their own who face more challenges in the Mexican Rancho Era.


Book Three follows the family into the goldrush and early years of California statehood, a period that proves to be the most devestating and destructive era ever faced by California's indigenous peoples.

Mexican Rancho Era

Book Three:
Gold Rush-Statehood

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