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Lands of our Ancestors Teacher Guides

The Lands of our Ancestors books and teacher guides offer educators an instructional package that meets California State History-Social Science Standards and provides an appropriate alternative for teaching the state history. This includes units on the pre-contact California Native period, the Spanish Mission Period, Mexican Rancho Era, the Gold Rush and Early Statehood. The guides were designed and developed by experienced California elementary school educators and include 1) Historical overviews of each period, 2) Collection of images depicting the era, 3) Words to Know each chapter, 4) Chapter Questions and 5) Student Projects. A teacher had this to say about the books and guides: “The books and teacher guides are an exemplary resource for the classroom. The stories are engaging and entice students to further research the historical periods, including the treatment of California Indians. The guides provide us with historical context for the books as well as visual examples of housing, maps, etc.”

- Mimi Ryan, Bob Holcomb Elementary, San Bernardino City U.S.D.

Mission Period


This multi-generational, historical saga begins with Book One by depicting what life might have been like during the Spanish Mission Era, as seen through the eyes of two Chumash boys.


Book Two continues the saga as the characters grow up and have children of their own who face more challenges in the Mexican Rancho Era.


Book Three follows the family into the goldrush and early years of California statehood, a period that proves to be the most devestating and destructive era ever faced by California's indigenous peoples.

Mexican Rancho Era

Book Three:
Gold Rush-Statehood


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